Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is an important measurement for the treatment of waste in many industrial sectors, from municipal systems to the waste stream feed mills. Correct COD testing is important in determining the effectiveness of your water treatment, and can help diagnose any treatment problems that may arise. In this … Read more

Physical Chemical Treatment

Mechanical separation of solid substances by filtration Filtration separates solid substances from liquids. To do this, the mixture to be separated passes through a filter; in the simplest case, it can be made of paper. For technical applications, filters made of textile or metal fabric are mostly used. Sand filters, rotary sieves and cloth filters … Read more

Biologycal Treatment of wastewater

Anaerobic biological cleaning of wastewater with UASB process The RAFA (upflow anaerobic sludge blanket – UASB) reactor method is frequently used for the biological treatment of industrial wastewater. With this process, large amounts of organic substances, such as dissolved sugars, proteins and fats, can also be removed from the wastewater. These are chemically treated in … Read more

Wastewater Treatment Procedure

Wastewater Treatment Procedures There are multiple best available technologies (BAT) procedures for wastewater treatment. Our main competences are the detailed study and conceptual development of this procedure for wastewater treatment. We works with a wide range of biological and physicochemical procedures for wastewater treatment. Our team develops individual wastewater treatment methods for you, meeting all … Read more

Sustainability in production processes

Sustainability in production processes Since the founding of our company, we have been developing plants and solutions for the safe removal of all contaminants. We also support the environmental management of our associated companies. Therefore, we pay attention to energy and resource efficiency, as well as the application of the principle as early Reduce-Reuse-Recycle as … Read more

Effluent Analysis

Environmental study and analysis of wastewater for industrial and sanitary use Projects therefore begin with the study and advice in your plant, in addition to taking samples and laboratory analysis. This process is completed with laboratory-scale testing procedures or the use of an on-site pilot plant. Our portfolio of services for wastewater analysis In order … Read more

Heat Exchanger for Wastewater

E-Plate Heat Exchanger for Wastewater Our E-Plate self-cleaning heat exchanger makes it possible to use the waste water, which comes out very hot from the process, to heat the cold water. This helps to optimize the temperatures of the water flows and also to reduce the energy consumption of the wastewater treatment. High performance and … Read more

Sewage Cooling

Cooling and temperature control of wastewater The temperature of the water in the different stages of treatment plays a very important role in the effective treatment of wastewater flows. However, we must also focus on the temperature limit value or on issues related to energy recovery and bad odors. Waste water temperature In addition to … Read more

Aeration of Wastewater

Automatic and Flexible System for Aeration of Wastewater For the aerobic degradation of organic substances, ie oxidizable substances in wastewater, oxygen is required, which can be introduced into wastewater by compressed air. In addition to supplying the necessary oxygen, these wastewater aeration systems have the function of mixing the wastewater with the sludge or preventing … Read more