Rotating Biologycal Contactor (RBC)

RBC or Rotating Biological Contactor is a liquid waste treatment process using a method in which this wastewater treatment unit rotates with a center on an axis or axle which is driven by a motor drive system and/or air blowing (air drive system) from a diffuser immersed in wastewater. , under media. Made of plastic, … Read more

By Legal Classification

Within the global management of generated waste, it is important to classify them. There are different classifications, depending on their origin, composition, dangerousness, etc. Classification on waste and contaminated soils is the most interesting for the purpose of better subsequent management of the same: “Domestic waste”: waste generated in homes as a result of domestic … Read more

Depositing in Landfill

Classification on waste based on Depositing in Landfill : “Inert waste”. They are solid or pasty residues that, once deposited in a landfill, do not undergo significant physical-chemical or biological transformations. “Non-hazardous waste”. Non-hazardous waste is that which is not classified as hazardous waste, as it does not present hazardous characteristics. “Biodegradable waste”. Biodegradable waste … Read more

Membrane BioReactor (MBR)

Water scarcity implies the need to reuse it once it has been properly treated, thus guaranteeing environmental protection. Among the treatment technologies available to regenerate wastewater, those that use membranes stand out for their capacity to retain solids and salts and even disinfect water, thus producing water suitable for reuse in irrigation and other applications. … Read more

Extended Aeration

The Extended Aeration  (EA) system is one of common Biological system used to treat domestic wastewater due to its functionality and simplicity. The treatment plant provides the proper environment, sufficient oxygen and other elements which allow the bacteria to consume the organic matter and to live and multiply within the treatment plant. In this way … Read more

Special Typologies

Special types of regulated waste are the following: “Radioactive waste” (according to the General Radioactive Waste Plan PGRR) is any material or waste product that shows traces of radioactivity and for which no use is foreseen. Contaminated waste liquids and gases are included. “Sanitary waste” is all waste, whatever its State, generated in health centers, … Read more