Facility Construction of Industrial and Domestic Wastewater

Facility Construction of plants for the treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater

Once we have defined in the planning phase what your wastewater treatment facility will be through detailed analyzes, various authorization procedures and preliminary studies of the framework conditions at the site, we move on to the construction phase of the plant.

Project and portfolio management

As experts in the treatment of resi-les-dua waters , we handle the complete management of the project for the construction of its plant in wastewater treatment and peripheral equipment needed, for example; pumps, valves, metering and regulation technology. The most important thing for us is the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, the key components are “Made in Germany” and meet the highest quality requirements.

The largely prefabricated wastewater treatment facility is delivered to the construction site and is very easy to assemble. Our experienced construction managers and assemblers organize all required accessory work, from the installation of pipes and electrical devices to the supply, installation and assembly of the aggregate units.

Software development and control cabinet construction

Together with our team located in Dresden we offer both the development of software for the control and automation programming of your plant, as well as the assembly of distribution cabinets and electrical panels. Our colleagues on site take care of installation, wiring, connection and function check.

Commissioning and process optimization of your wastewater treatment plant

Often, the commissioning of sewage cleaning facilities is done with the start of new productions. In this phase, our wastewater experts from the areas of chemistry, biology and plant construction accompany you to carry out an optimal commissioning, that is: the plant is adjusted exactly to your individual process parameters.

Project management for the construction of wastewater treatment facilities

It does not matter whether a wastewater treatment plant has to be built from scratch or modernized: we take care of the planning and turnkey construction of your individually designed and needs-oriented wastewater treatment plant. future. Our highly experienced project managers in wastewater treatment technology take care of all high-quality project development and on-time delivery.

We help you in the processing of authorization procedures, organize your work as a general contractor and coordinate the work until the final delivery of the project. For this, we always keep the budget in mind. You will save costs and time and can focus on your core business without worry.

In short, you get the following benefits:

  • Planning, supply and implementation from a single source
  • Optimal adaptation of individual components
  • The total solution with the best design down to the smallest detail
  • Fast, competent and hassle-free development
  • Cantidad mínima de interfaces
  • Import / customs clearance / billing from a single source
  • One contact person for warranty and service
  • Minimum cost and effort for spare parts management
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Technical service services (laboratory, maintenance)

Production and construction of your wastewater treatment plant

As a German company with headquarters in the city of Dresden and subsidiaries around the world, we can adapt our plant production flexibly to the planned location. Your advantage: you always get our German know-how, quality and a tailor-made solution. We have production centers in Germany and at our customers’ facilities around the world. We acquire the components of the plant, such as pumps, valves, measurement and regulation technology, from first-line suppliers, consolidated as quality leaders in recent years.

Due to the high quality requirements of our customers, we manufacture certain key plant components at our headquarters in the city of Dresden. The individual software for programming the control of your wastewater treatment plant is also developed here and the electrical cabinet is built. Thus, the largely prefabricated effluent treatment technology is delivered to the construction site and is very easy to assemble. Pre-assembly in container modules not only saves time, but also unnecessary export costs.

Installation of your wastewater treatment plant

Project managers and site managers are in charge of assisting the technical team in the installation of the wastewater treatment plant, including the organization of all required accessory work. This includes:

  • Dismantling of existing plants (if necessary)
  • Installation of stainless steel and / or plastic pipes
  • Electrical installation
  • Supply and installation of aggregate groups
  • Assembly equipment supply
  • Verification of the installed plant (density control, non-destructive test of welds)
  • Installation and connection of the electrical cabinet
  • Wiring of all components
  • Checking all electrical components

Commissioning and process optimization of your wastewater treatment plant

  • In many cases, a new wastewater treatment plant is put into operation in parallel with the start-up of a new production line. Our experienced process engineers from the areas of chemistry, biology and mechanical engineering accompany you in this process and coordinate the commissioning of the plant with the customer. After commissioning, the residual water is analyzed for the parameters allowed in our laboratory and, if necessary, the installation is optimized. Of course, the same is done with existing facilities.
  • You receive the complete technical documentation of the plant. Properly instruct their staff regarding the operation of the installation of wastewater treatment and will then attend the between-ga on any issue that you need.
  • Due to the very high quality of our effluent treatment plants, they are normally used for long years. During this time it may happen that the composition of the wastewater or the requirements regarding the limit values change. An optimization of the plant, that is to say: a new analysis of all the components and steps of the process, as well as the training of your personnel, can result in a cost reduction of around double digits





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