Effluent Analysis

Environmental study and analysis of wastewater for industrial and sanitary use

Projects therefore begin with the study and advice in your plant, in addition to taking samples and laboratory analysis. This process is completed with laboratory-scale testing procedures or the use of an on-site pilot plant.

Our portfolio of services for wastewater analysis

In order to plan new wastewater treatment plants or to improve the performance of existing plants and to optimize them, it is necessary first of all to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the wastewater in question. Basic data such as the volume of wastewater per day of production, the temperature of the wastewater and the available surface area are essential for the overall design of a plant.

In addition, in the laboratory our experts analyze the composition of the wastewater and the substances it contains. With the help of an individual checklist, we together with you draw up a comprehensive table of special parameters, such as:

Analysis of important parameters of wastewater:

  • Chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD; BOD)
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (HAP)
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX))
  • Concentration of N in ammonium (NH4 ‑ N)
  • NItrogen Nitrate (NO3‑N)
  • Phosphate compounds (PO4 ‑ P)
  • Chloor
  • Heavy metals

Physico-chemical and microbiological laboratory tests of your wastewater

Study of wastewater

The study of wastewater constitutes the basis for the compilation of the basic parameters and the comprehensive development of a wastewater treatment concept. Our portfolio of services begins with the study of wastewater on site or in our laboratory. In addition, we carry out investigations in accordance with the regulatory framework for self-control of wastewater treatment plants, the evaluation of the results of the analyzes, the preparation of technical reports and water and wastewater balances. On this basis we identify the potentials for the optimization of the processes.

Its advantages:

  • Direct laboratory connection with planning and development engineers
  • Consolidated database for the elaboration of a specific procedure concept for the client
  • Recognition of the potential for optimization
  • Cost savings through process optimization
  • Commissioning, sampling and optimization – all from a single source

Study of wastewater in our laboratory

After taking samples on site, we carry out basic studies of the effluent samples in our laboratory to determine their chemical composition, which allows us to develop a laboratory-scale process.

We can perform the following testing procedures for you:

  • Activated carbon tests
  • Ion exchange test
  • Making breaking curves
  • Carrying out biodegradability tests
  • Physical-chemical precipitation and flocculation tests
  • Assays – PAO (advanced oxidation process)

Study of wastewater through pilot plants

On the basis of the preceding laboratory tests and the results of the tests carried out, the project design can begin. Alternatively, it is also possible to design a pilot plant on a semi-industrial scale to carry out tests on site. Our test facilities are completely prefabricated and this enables rapid analysis, even of difficult-to-treat wastewater.



Process optimization with effluent treatment systems

The increase in the volume of wastewater, the modification in the concentration of effluents, the change of the substances contained in the wastewater and / or the modifications of the permits on the use of water make it necessary, many times, to adapt or complement existing technology.

Our wastewater treatment laboratory helps you optimize existing wastewater treatment systems. In this sense, for us the concept of “green chemistry” comes first. That means for us, increasing energy efficiency, reducing environmental pollution, applying analytical methods to control environmental pollution and supporting safer processes.

We evaluate the effectiveness of existing wastewater treatment systems to ensure effective treatment of partial flows or full treatment of direct or indirect input. Our portfolio of services includes, among others:

Biological wastewater treatment:

  • Organic load degradation
  • Nitrification (oxidation of ammonia or ammonium ions to nitrate)
  • Denitrification (reduction of nitrate to basic nitrogen)

Physical-chemical treatment of wastewater:

  • Precipitation / flocculation
  • Separation of unwanted substances
  • Activated carbon processing
  • POA-Advanced oxidation process





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