Building Construction

Building Construction

Construction of buildings: Just a few decades ago, cities were known, as cities of large houses, gardens and promenades. Little by little, multi-story buildings appeared and in recent years these buildings are the cause of a change in the profile of large cities.

The cities have grown as much as the construction industry, growth that is noticeable everywhere, even in the greater scope of the distribution of cement in the cities.

But how did these tall towers become so imposing and dominate the urban skyline? It is thanks to new construction techniques that it is now possible to build large buildings, even much safer than those old mansions.

Despite how simple it may seem, the construction of tall buildings requires close coordination between the different technicians and professionals involved in it, as well as mastery of the technology used through various tools and processes.

It is also essential for the success of a tall building construction to have high quality materials and supplier companies that guarantee them.


Building construction step by step

But the fact that the construction of such tall buildings is possible is also due to the follow-up of the basic processes for their construction. The basic stages of building construction are as follows:

Perimeter closures

It serves to delimit the total area of ​​the construction. It can be marked with nets or metal plates, depending on safety aspects and how deep the hole will be later on.


Booth installation

They are the spaces that will serve various functions, from offices to warehouses of materials, plans and everything that is needed to have a better control of the work.

Preparation of the area

Includes clearing the land and excavating the area. Also at this stage performs the assembly of the crane.

Foundation construction

At this stage, the solid background of the work is established, including the formwork and the construction of basements.

Basic structure

From the foundations the pillars of the construction and some other structures that will make up the skeleton of the work are raised.

Walls and ceilings

They are built as the structure is advanced. Coordination between these tasks is essential for the work to achieve optimal levels of strength, stability and safety.


Pipe networks are placed for wiring, water and drainage, electricity, etc.

  • Electrical installations
  • Sanitation
  • HVAC (air conditioning) installations
  • telephone networks

General finishes

Once the body is ready, it’s time to start dressing it. Construction finishes include bathroom cabinets, carpentry, glassware, and locksmithing.


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